Director is forced?

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Twin sisters, the horny game

Hello I am Bert now 40 years old. This story happened 12 years ago. I have been married for 18 years with one of twins. The girls look like two drops on each other. And are now 38 years old. And still very nice to see. My brother-in-law is a bit older than me. They […]

My niece and her daughter

I once wrote a story about two horny weeks in Sidney. With Willemijn, or Wil, and Stans I had wonderful weeks there. Afterwards we stayed in contact via Skype and mail. A year and a half after these two fantastic weeks I received an email that they had come to the Netherlands. Willemijn had to […]


It is becoming more and more normal to have Sexdating. Especially for singles, but there are also plenty of men and women in a relationship who are looking for sexdating. That can be for anything. Some men and women want to chat and cam horny, while others are mainly looking to score a sex date […]

The dream

Me and my friends love sex very much, I come to an acquaintance who arranges people with whom I can have sex today, was the 20th time I came, so he had a surprise, he said the first surprise was that I do not have to pay, and when I found out later, he said […]