The dream

Me and my friends love sex very much, I come to an acquaintance who arranges people with whom I can have sex today, was the 20th time I came, so he had a surprise, he said the first surprise was that I do not have to pay, and when I found out later, he said he…. I sat down in the waiting room until everything was ready, just to make sure we didn’t have to wait until everything was ready I am a man 22 years old and I am heterosexual. He came to me and said that everything was ready and that I could go in. I went inside and as always I expected a woman of 35 years old, but there were 5 young people, my friend said they were the same age as how many times you were here, I got pretty horny from 5 young people here! She was lying on her back, the second one was a slightly taller girl with black, very tight leather pants and a tight shirt without bra, the third one wore a denim skirt that reached up to 15 cm above the knees and a short white shirt, and when I took a quick look at it because she was still stuck, she was not wearing panties. The fourth didn’t wear long pants like the two before, but a very short yellow hotpants that didn’t even cover her whole ass, and a tight red shirt where you could see through her nipples. and then i kept looking because i knew there were 5 people and i didn’t see a girl but a boy with a sweater and light grey, rather tight long pants that lay on his stomach so i already knew what the intention was there. i didn’t know what i wanted to do at first but i soon had an idea with 5 sexy teenagers. i was in the mood for some fun so i told the girl with the jeans to lie on her stomach i loosened the girl with the hotpants and told her to sit on her legs and spoil that ass she did well what i said and the girl with the jeans on moaned even the other 3 were still stuck a little bit so i loosened the girl in the leather pants and said “Go French kiss with the other 2 and scrub and yes, then I saw 3 girls sitting in the pelvis and scrubbing, there was 1 more girl in the short skirt and the boy, so I loosened the girl and she has to go along with her belly against the wall and pull up her skirt a little now you’ve seen her half ass and pussy the boy I left the boy for a while while while I took my view and my rod, which is already pretty stiff, I looked at the boy I am not gay but still I sat down for a while well on the ass of the boy and I slapped him a couple of times, I loosened him up, turned him around and sat on his cock to make him a little hard. Then I lifted him up, he was naked by now and put his face with his skirt on the girl’s ass and said: “Fuck her anally! he started to fuck her and the girl screamed enormously that she had never been fucked before and certainly not anal in the meantime i took off my own pants and wanted the boy to feel the same as the girl after he said to fuck 5 minutes non-stop i lifted the boy roughly and threw him on his stomach on the floor before he could react i fucked him anal then i fucked all the girls and after that the one with the hotpants had to blow me too then i thought it was enough and said to everyone soon I will be back!