My niece and her daughter

I once wrote a story about two horny weeks in Sidney. With Willemijn, or Wil, and Stans I had wonderful weeks there. Afterwards we stayed in contact via Skype and mail. A year and a half after these two fantastic weeks I received an email that they had come to the Netherlands. Willemijn had to be about 50 and a half years old, and Stans should be about 23 or 24 years old. During the mail changes I had told them that I had a new house. It is a semi-detached house with a large private garden. I also told them that I don’t have Lucy, their housekeeper, or a swimming pool. Actually, it was a ridiculously large house for one person. Anyway, I had learned and worked hard for it. The first two weeks of their visit they wanted to stay with their other family and the last two weeks they wanted to come and live with me. From my experience with them, I knew that it would be two wonderful weeks and that I had to start saving my seed.

The Friday they would come had come. In the morning I had shaved my face, bag and cock and had showered. And of course I had also cut my pubic hair. After that I could only wait, all the shopping was done and the house was on the side. So all I could do was wait, and I did that with my faithful friend, the Nespresso machine. In the coming weeks it would be nice weather and I had already thought of all kinds of things. The waiting took a long time, but in the end the “rental car” drove by. To my joyful surprise only Ans and Wil got out. When asked where Jim was, I still thought I would get an answer. We greeted each other enthusiastically, and I helped the ladies unload the car. My goodness, the ladies had a lot of luggage with them. “It’s a lot to carry, but yes…… you never know what kind of weather you will have in the Netherlands,” Wil said happily. I told them that the weather was predicted to be good in the coming weeks and that temperatures could rise up to 30 degrees. They were very happy with that. I showed them my house and showed them the bedroom where they would sleep. They liked my “little place” and for a man alone they thought it was atmospheric. When asked if they wanted coffee, I got a positive answer. They just wanted to empty their suitcases first so that their clothes would not fall apart any further. I left the ladies alone and went downstairs. When I heard their steps on the stairs again, I pushed the purple cup into the Nespresso machine. A little later we were sitting on my porch behind my house, on the living room set, drinking coffee. They still looked beautiful. It looked as if the B cup from Stans had turned into a C cup. The ladies wore tight clothes. The tight tops and short skirts left no limits to their imagination. I didn’t have to make much of an effort to see the panties of these beautiful women. The skirts were so short. Stans wore red panties and wanted a white one. Stans looked at me and said with a wink that they had put these clothes on for me on purpose. The fucking with Stans and her mother I could remember exactly and caused a horny tension in my lower abdomen. Wil said to me that they both hoped it would be as nice a week as a year and a half ago at their house when she said she looked at me horny. “Mmmm, that starts off well,” I thought and replied that I hoped so too. Then the conversation turned to what we could do in the neighborhood. I told her that Apeldoorn was three quarters of an hour away and that we could drive to Het Loo and Apenheul. Of course, we could go swimming in Lake Busloo, which is fifteen minutes away from me. There were many nice places, large and small, for shopping. For them it all sounded good, and we would definitely do enough. “Where is Jim?” I asked. “Oooh, he’s back already. Trouble at the damn office. Apparently, the only one who can do anything, Jim. He’s well paid for it, but it’s at the expense of our personal lives. I told him to find another job if he wanted to stay with me. You noticed it when you were with us. At that time he was already on the road a lot. At least 6 days a week he is at work,” she said emotionally. “And now we don’t even have a vacation together anymore,” she said with tears in her eyes. Stans put an arm around her and comforted her, “She pulled herself together and said, ‘Come on, I’m not going to let my vacation be in vain. We’ll have a few fun weeks.” Ans and I said, “Hear, hear!” and she laughed a little. Meanwhile, it was noon, and